2019 and Beyond!

Tomorrow is March 1, 2019. Some would argue that they’re 2019 hasn’t started yet and the last two months have just been 2018 continued. Knock on wood the last two months for me, besides being engulfed in winter, haven’t  been too bad. I’m typically not much of a goal setter. Sure there are things I want to do in life and I do them whenever I get around to it, though I don’t ever set a time frame. This year I got one of those Commit30 planners and thought I would try and hold myself more accountable. 

The first month went great! My boyfriend and I decided to go on the keto diet! We weren’t too strict about it, I know for “real” keto you have to weigh your food and do something with macros and hop on one foot while praying to the Easter bunny. That all seemed like too much. We just ate the keto approved foods. I loved it! I’ll give you a brief back story on why I wanted to try keto. I have a long history of hormone imbalances. I currently have PCOS and had a pituitary tumor removed back in 2008 thats still giving me trouble. I’ve heard of women having good results with hormone balancing by cutting carbs and sugar alone. I have a lot of positives and one negative with going keto. I did notice a HUGE difference in my hormones, things seemed a LOT better! The only negative was I got my period early by about two weeks, twice in a row so in the month of January I had TWO periods! I talked to my chiropractor about it and he said that the cause for that was most likely a dramatic reduction in inflammation. I planned on being more strict in the month of February but I haven’t done as well as I would have liked. I didn’t cheat daily but probably every other day I had a cheat item … I’m going to try and be better in the month of March! I go back to see my endocrinologist in April so it would be nice to have another solid month of keto to tell my doctor how things are going and to see if it has any effect on my blood work! 

Another fail for the month of February was my Commit30 goal. I had planned on creating art daily. Whether it be on the computer, painting or photography. Let’s just say I didn’t do very well. I will try again another month. I definitely would say I hit my winter slump in February. Those of you who don’t live where there’s snow, the struggle is real! 

I have so many goals and things I want to do in 2019! I have a feeling that 2020 will be a life changing year so I have been asking myself, “what do I want to do or accomplish before then?” Needless to say I am excited for the upcoming year and even more excited for the next! 

Thanks for reading,

– D

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