10 Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe

Fashion is always cycling. Now here we are in 2019 and if you go into any store it’s like your stepping back into the 90s! The first thing you see are crop top shirts! I don’t know about you but I’m beyond a crop top! Not only has that ship sailed but I’m 32, a little too old for that noise! Plaid skirts and scrunchies also have made their way back. Store fronts have turned into a scene from the 1995 hit movie Clueless. Being that fashion seems to be going in this direction, shopping these days can be difficult.

Everyone has a certain style where they feel the most comfortable. I enjoy rocking either skinny jeans/ pants or leggings, a belt, some kind of shirt that doesn’t choke me (not including three quarter length sleeves, ew) and either a sweeter or some kind of jacket. As far as shoes go being that it is winter, you will always catch me in boots. During nicer weather I either go for flip flops or flat slide on shoes. 

I’m not too much of a clothes horse, if given the choice to either buy a new outfit including shoes or a new Michael Kors bag, I’m going for the bag! Needless to say I usually go awhile before updating my wardrobe so when it happens, it really needs to happen!

Here are my ten tips for updating your wardrobe!

Tip # 1 

Go through your closet, dresser, hamper, the clothes on your floor or wherever else you keep them. Get rid of all your clothes that look old, tired and faded! If they’re not working then they’re not working for you! Also I’m sure a lot of people are guilty of this, get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you! This is a hard one for most. If you’re waiting to fit back into those jeans from 1993 that made your butt look amazing, chances are they are out of style now anyways so get a new dream and some pants that fit. Lastly I hate to quote Marie Kondo, but ask yourself if the item of clothing brings you joy. Do you have a shirt or a sweater or pair of pants that you just hate? It hangs wrong, there’s an itchy part, you don’t like the color anymore? Anything really, but you just don’t like it? Get rid of it. All that you should be left with are clothes that fit, still look newish and that you still love to wear! Same goes for shoes. Don’t be rocking dirty, tired looking kicks. Ditch them! 

Tip # 2

Only throw out clothes if they can’t be donated or resold, like they are stained and have holes in them. If they are okay either send them off to the Salvation Army, a consignment shop or try to sell them online through sites like eBay or Poshmark. If you decide to sell them yourself online I would suggest taking them out of your existing wardrobe and moving them to another closet. That way they are out of your immediate life. 

Tip # 3

Game plan. I’m the type of person who gets overwhelmed in a store when I’m shopping for clothes. There is just too much to look at! Too many options and styles. Do I need nice clothes for work, clothes for life, lounge clothes, “work out” clothes, real work out clothes, the list goes on. Don’t even get me started on seasons! You need a game plan. Look at the gaps in your wardrobe. Ask yourself what’s missing. If you already know what style of clothing you like your ahead of the game. I have been going through my clothes this past week and have been working on adding new items back into my wardrobe. The first things I decided I needed were new tops. Mainly T-shirt kind of tops that you could where everyday. Also I needed a few more style relevant tops for work. I also needed new socks and underwear: a staple to every wardrobe revamp! In the next coming weeks I plan on getting one or two pairs of jeans and one or two pairs of work pants, a black belt and a new pair of boots. After that I think I’ll be in good shape, until summer anyways. 


Tip # 4

This may or may not apply to all. Depending on where you’re at in your career, either you’re looking to start a career or you’re looking to advance, you need to make sure you have your interview outfit at the ready! You don’t want to wait until a few days before the interview to start thinking of what you will wear. You need time to go out and find the perfect outfit! Of course the kind of job you’re interviewing for will determine what kind of outfit you would want to wear. My mom has always said you can’t go wrong with a nice suit jacket and I have to agree with her. I recently got a whole new outfit for interviewing because I was not prepared at all! Here’s what I came up with …




Tip # 5 

Try on your clothes before you buy them! We all know a size 10 is different at every store, don’t take the chance that something isn’t going to fit you. Also even if they fit, they might not fit right. I know some brands of pants will give me a pouch in the front but fit everywhere else. You also might try them on and not really like them. I know it takes more time and listen I’m typically guilty of buying without trying, but trying the item on is always better in the long run. 


Tip # 6

When you’re shopping think of outfits as you go. If you like something think what you would wear it with. Do you have something already or do you need to buy something to match? If you don’t have anything to match you probably won’t wear it. This again is something I’m guilty of. I went through a bad skirt buying phase where I just wanted all these skirts. I didn’t have any tops to really match though so I would either not wear the skirts or I went out looking ridiculous in a flowing skirt with a matching flowing top. This is again something my mom would always do and I never understood it. If she found a top or pair of pants she would look for the rest of the outfit to buy. Now this makes sense to me if you want to look professional and put together.

Tip # 7

Shopping is expensive! I buy a bulk of my clothes at Target! I love every department in the store, I could spend hours there. I love the clothes as they are super inexpensive compared to other higher priced stores and they are cute! I also buy some basic items at Walmart, I like Kohl’s and I’ll occasionally look around T.J. Maxx. Tip number seven is to do a bulk of your shopping at these lower priced stores, look for sales and use coupons. Go to a higher end store to find a few good pieces to incorporate into your look to up the ante! I’m a sucker for Express for these items!

Tip # 8

Wear your clothes! I am definitely guilty of this! There are quite a few items in my closet that are perfectly good and practically brand new that I don’t wear. I don’t know if I’m waiting for the right time or what but the time is now!

Tip # 9

Ask a friend! I’ve done this even if I’m shopping alone. I’ll take a picture of the item and send it to a girlfriend and ask her opinion on it and if I should get the item. Usually it’s a yes because come on, who doesn’t want their friends to treat themselves? But sometimes it’s a no if it truly is not the best item for the price!

Tip # 10

Loose ends. You might find after wearing your new clothes that there is something you’ve overlooked. My last tip is to live in your new clothes for a few weeks and see if you need to make one more shopping trip to get a few more items to tie everything together. After this you should be just about set!

I hope you found these tips helpful and as always thanks for reading!

– D

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