The Lazy Girls Guide To Keto

Going keto is gaining more and more popularity these days. It seems like everyone is trying it at least for a short period of time. I tried it for a month and loved the results: clear skin, weight loss, no bloating or gas, no stomach cramping, less inflammation, better bowel movements, what’s not to love?! One month was my goal and after that I had planned on sticking with it but the carb calling was too great! That and planning for keto is work! I had mentioned in a previous post that I do want to do another solid month of keto before I go back to my endocrinologist to see if the keto diet has any effect on my blood test results. That is why I am writing this blog …

The lazy girls guide to keto! 

The first time around I did a LOT of research. Basics of the diet, what foods are okay what are a no go, and recipes. What bothered me about the recipes was that they were all somewhat time consuming and they all required a fair amount of ingredients, which can rack up in price! Even if I searched the internet for, “quick, easy, keto lunches,” the only options that came up were meals like, keto fish cakes with lemon pepper dipping sauce or zoodles and meatballs. Like, excuse me I asked for quick and easy! Clearly you people don’t know my life. Some days I have to psych myself up to shower! So I started looking at things from a different angle.


This meal was never the issue for me. I could eat eggs and bacon everyday, and I loved my version of bulletproof coffee. I use Folgers original Keurig pods, a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of heavy cream. Yum! If I’m home for breakfast I’ll either cook up some bacon, or you can buy the pre cooked bacon and heat it up, and make an egg white and cheese omelette. If I’m at work I’ll get an omelette there with some bacon. Luckily there’s a cafeteria where I work. If you don’t have that option at work an easy alternative and something I do sometimes is to make keto egg breakfast cups ahead of time and then you can take them with you. This is the only meal prep I will do, breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all. An even lazier hack would be to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. Just put two eggs in a microwave safe bowl with a little milk, salt and pepper, mix it up, put in whatever you want, cheese, bacon, ham, stir it up, microwave it on high for 45 seconds, stir it again and then microwave it for 30-45 seconds and eat! If you don’t want to waste time cracking an egg, use egg beaters! On the keto diet you can have fresh berries. Breakfast time, if I am not working is when I have mine or I’ll have some as an after dinner “desert” if I do work. I love strawberries, raspberries and blueberries!



Lunch is the toughest for me, I’m a soup and sandwich girl all the way! I have to pack my lunch the night before or else it won’t happen. As I mentioned my work has a cafeteria, pretty much the only keto option I’ve found is the salad bar. I usually make a taco salad so I don’t have to think about dressing: I do lettuce, cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream, a little salsa, guacamole and ground hamburger. It’s good and I loved it the month I did keto. Now I’m sick of it. When I go back to doing keto next month I plan on bringing my lunch to work. I’ll microwave some vegetables the night before and add a Morning Star burger. I love the Birds Eye mashed cauliflower and I also like the brussel sprouts. Left over dinner is always a good lunch option as well. I’ll also probably bring a Vega One Protein shake some days and pair that with a lighter snakier option like cheese and pepperoni with some veggie sticks. 


Cooking dinner can either be a fun activity or it can be a chore. It’s so much easier to just cook up some pasta on a night where you are tired and don’t have any energy left to cook. I for one hate cooking if I have to work that day so I try to make sure I have enough left overs to last. My boyfriend and I have it set so that he will cook two nights a week and I will cook two nights a week and then we will have left overs for the other nights. I usually make some kind of fish for one of my nights. I love salmon, so I will get a few salmon portions from the seafood counter. I like the portions because they’re already portion size and I think that’s a lot easier. Again for sides I will do frozen veggies usually microwave ones because they are quick and easy! For my second dinner I will usually make something in the crockpot because it’s pretty easy to put together. Once in awhile I might get a little crazy and look up a new keto recipe but usually I keep it pretty basic. My boyfriend usually does chicken, steak, shrimp or meatballs with veggies as sides. He is better than I am in the kitchen. There, I said it. You know what though? It’s pretty nice having a guy that can cook! 


When I did my keto month I didn’t find I got hungry for snacks too often. I think when you start eating less carbs your stomach shrinks and your not as hungry. I would snack on almonds and walnuts, berries, once in awhile peanut butter, dark chocolate, plain Greek Fage yogurt, or my favorite, Talenti Gelato’s Coconut Almond Chocolate! This was a once in a while thing, like me and Gus just put the girls to bed and we want to stay up watching The Umbrella Academy and have a treat! This time around with keto I want to try the avocado smoothie I’ve been hearing about, I’ve seen Rachel Hollis posting about it, so it must be good. I do think it is hard to incorporate avocado into an everyday diet because it’s so annoying to wait for a ripe avocado and then you only have one – two days after that before it goes bad! I think maybe if I put it in a smoothie the taste might be altered so if it wasn’t perfectly ripe it might not matter.

Replace yo electrolytes girl! 

You don’t want to come down with the keto flu when your trying to feel your best! My favorite low carb no sugar way of replacing my electrolytes is by drinking Power Aid Zero, the blue flavor. Wait, is blue a flavor? Yeah, and it tastes amazing! 

The fine print

There are a lot of little rules to a strict keto diet. I follow the lazy rules. I eat keto approved foods, I eat around 20 grams of carbohydrates per day and I incorporate healthy fats whenever I can. I don’t however count my calories. I figure if I feel good and I’m loosing a little weight then I’m doing great! I’ve never been one to diet or watch what I eat so doing this alone is a big step for me and if you’re the same way it is a big step for you too!

As always thanks for reading!

– D

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