How To Make The Perfect Omelet


So as embarrassing as it sounds, I didn’t know how to make an omelet until two months ago when my boyfriend showed me. They always came out like they were dropped on the floor. So I want to share the secrets just in case you’re like me and have been failing at this breakfast staple your whole life. As I’ve mentioned in my keto posts cheese omelets are usually my go to breakfast! Let’s get down to business.

Step # one – Ingredients 

Get all of your ingredients out. I like to use a smaller pan as the egg is going to be as round as the pan. You’ll need a knife for the butter and I like to use two spatulas: one metal one and a softer silicon spatula. Keto is all about the grass-fed butter, I use Kerrygold. For cheese I like Hannaford brand Fancy Shredded Cheddar Jack, I’m fancy like that! Salt and pepper of course, we don’t want no bland eggs! Now for the main event! I love Hannaford brand, if you aren’t familiar, Hannaford is a grocery store chain that’s local to the northeast – their products are tasty and inexpensive! I love their egg whites and that’s what I will be using today! You can use egg beaters if you like or regular ol’ eggs – I like these because I haven’t mastered cracking an egg yet.


Step # two – Getting started

My boyfriend said you have to heat the pan up on a low setting even before you put the butter in. I’ve never done it like this before but for arguments sake, I’ll just heat the pan on the 4th setting – that’s the setting I will be cooking with today. Once I believe the pan to be hot (but not too hot, I burned the butter one time, not a good situation) I put the butter in. With the keto diet your going to want to use a fair amount of butter, if your going by the little notches on the butter I would say put in one notch. Once your butter is all melted, which won’t take long because the pan was already hot, pour in your eggs. I eye ball my pour and put in enough so that it’s just past the the bend in the pan. After that I put in some salt and pepper!


Step # three – Flipping an egg

The trick here is to wait until it’s absolutely ready to be flipped! I wait until the edges of the egg are cooked, there is just a little runniness in the middle and the egg is bubbling a bit. I use my soft spatula to lift up the egg and then my metal spatula and really shove it under the egg. Then I brace myself and flip! The first time I flipped a little too hard and got egg all over the front of myself. Note to readers, don’t flip it like a pancake and slap it down, be gentle! 


Step # four – Finishing touches

After I flip the egg I put salt and pepper on the other side and then my cheese. I let the cheese cook flat on the egg a little before I fold it so that the egg can fully cook. Once the cheese looks like it’s melted all the way around the edges this is my cue to fold. Again I take my soft spatula and get under the egg and lift it up, then I use both spatulas to fold it, once it’s folded I use my soft spatula to smash it down so the cheese gets nice and melty! After that your ready to plate your omelet! I like to use the slide technique and slide it off the pan onto the plate, guiding it with my spatula. 


I hope you enjoyed this post about breakfast and as always, thanks for reading!

– D

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