So as it turns out I am terrible at picking things up and putting them back down. Typical Gemini! I started this blog last February and it lasted two months. Well winter started early here in upstate New York so I am back! My hope is that I keep at writing and I would love to post daily (Monday-Friday).

Let’s do an update of my life for the past eight months…

March was kind of slow. April I focused my extra time on going to the gym and doing the whole, “I’m going to get into the best shape of my life for summer,” thing. What ended up happening was I got into somewhat better shape and went to Florida in May. After Florida the gym stopped. May I went to Florida! My mom, aunt Sue and cousin Jen and I all went to St. Pete Beach and stayed at The Don CeSar hotel also known as the Pink Palace. We did a girls trip in honor of my mom’s 60th birthday! I’m talking beach, pool, spa, great food, drinks, we didn’t want to leave. June wasn’t bad. I turned 33… I have mixed feelings about getting older. On the one hand I don’t really care, age is just a number – on the other hand I thought I’d be further along into my life right now and would have more things figured out. I quit smoking for the third time! I got ENGAGED in June! On June 21st to be more specific! I will write a separate post about that! July we went to North Carolina for the yearly trip to see my fiancés family. We drove down from New York with two small kids- I was a wreck with nerves for about a month before hand- it wasn’t too bad though. July my grandma passed away which was actually a blessing as my mom would say. She lived in a nursing home and had worsening dementia and ended up passing from a heart attack. The whole family came into town and Gus got to meet everyone. We packed as many fun activities in this summer as we possibly could as we thought in October we would be moving to North Carolina (spoiler alert, we did not move.) This summer we did the pool, beach, we went to the Zoo, we went to a lavender farm, we saw the new Aladdin in theater, we got a LOT of soft serve ice cream, we played mini golf, we went to the parks to play, we went to the fair, we went to camp with my parents… it was a fun summer! September was great as well! September was still hot like summer but we did all the great fall activities! We went apple picking, painted pumpkins, drank pumpkin spiced coffee, we went to the Adirondack Hot Air Balloon Festival, my aunt Sue and cousin Jen came up to stay for a weekend and we ate tacos, did some day drinking and Jen saw a psychic! They also met my fiancés two little girls and that went pretty well! At the end of September we did our engagement photo shoot and we had the girls in some pictures too! October hit and it definitely seemed like something was going on in the universe! There were a few really bad weeks in October and everything seemed to keep getting worse. Things with the “baby mama” have been not going so well, I went through a month long interview process for a job I REALLY wanted and didn’t get, things at my current job have been on a downward spiral, wedding planning is not going so well and to top it off my mom has been having some health issues oh and all of a sudden we are in winter. It’s November 2019. I’m trying to stay sane. Work sucks. I’m trying to plan a wedding. I’m hoping my mom will be okay. Winter is coming.

Thank you for staying with me, please enjoy these pictures and as always, thanks for reading!

– D

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