Proposal Story Time!

I don’t know how other girls feel about the topic of engagement rings. I think it’s kind of a big deal. If you say yes then you’re going to be wearing this ring for the rest of your life! Shouldn’t you like the ring? How far involved should you be in the process of picking one out? Do you let him wing it so you can be totally surprised? Do you give him a general idea so he knows what your style is? Do you give him some images you like? Or do you just go down to the jewelry store with him and pick it out? Well I tell you what … we went down to the jewelry store!

I had been scouring the internet for months! I knew I loved the look of the three stone ring so that’s what I was in the market for. I had a few screen shots of rings I liked from Kay Jewelry so one glorious February day we went to Colonie Center to try on rings! I fell in love with one ring in particular and of course the sales associates were like, “get it today!” Even though I wanted to, I did NOT want to get engaged in a jewelry store! We left and went to lunch. I kept looking at the pictures I took of the ring on my hand, and that ring with the wedding band I tried on with it (insert eye roll here)! After lunch at the Cheesecake Factory I wanted to go in another store to look around before we left. He made up some excuse as to why he had to run back to the jewelry store! Of course I was thinking, omg he’s going to get it! He wasn’t gone very long and he stated that in the time we were at lunch someone had gone and bought the ring! I was thinking, what bad luck but we might be able to find the same ring at a different Kay. On our way home, he was driving, he tossed a jewelry box at me and asked… “will you marry me?!”

The box was empty. He watched my face light up and then said, “do you really think I’d propose to you driving home on the highway?!” My fiancé the jokester. No I didn’t think he would do that but then again he just threw a ring box to me after leaving a jewelry store! He said again how just after we left a couple came in and the girl fell in love with the ring but that he would look for it elsewhere.

Four months later…

It’s a Saturday in May and I’ve just come home from work. I say hi to everyone and give hugs and kisses then go into our room to take off my jewelry and change into non-work clothes. Ellie, the oldest followed me in and asked me why they went to a jewelry store that day. I said with a big grin, “oh did you! Did you get anything?!” She said no. Then walked out. I thought to myself, hmm maybe he was looking at a different Kay jewelry store to see if THEY had that ring! No luck though. A few weeks after that Ellie followed me in again. While I was taking off my claddagh ring, which Gus had given me, Ellie asked, “why did daddy get you ANOTHER ring?!” Now I knew it was game time! There were a few times I thought he was going to ask me and it never happened. I was starting to wonder what the hold up was.

Cut to June 21, 2019. It was a Friday night. Gus took a half day and the plan was to go to dinner. He always drives so as we’re on our way to the restaurant he says we are early for our reservation and asks if I want to go to a local park to walk around. I say “SURE!!” After all this time I’ve been waiting for awhile, I’ve gotten some pretty good leads from a seven year old and a few close calls! I’m ready! We get to the park and are walking around for a bit. He says, “oh look someone didn’t pick up their dogs shit!” It’s a public dog park so he grabbed a bag and got down on one knee!

Oh stop! He just picked up the poop! We finished the walk around the park and I thought come on already! There’s a small garden near where we parked and he asked if I wanted to go look at the flowers and I was like, sure do! I knew it was coming, he knew it was coming, the air was thick with awkwardness! I was walking in front of him. He called my attention and I shot around like, well like I was about to be given a diamond ring! He got down on one knee and lifted his pant leg up, he said look at where I hit my leg today and he showed me a cut on his leg. My reaction was kind of like an oh wow… AND?! AND then he pulled a ring box out of his back pocket! He asked me to marry him, and I said YES!

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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