100 Favorites

My original plan was to post daily Monday – Friday but I think I will, for a little while anyways, start a Survey Saturday series! My first survey is 100 favorite things!

I hope you enjoy and as always, thanks for reading!

– D

1. Place – Bed.

2. Person – My mom & Gus!

3. Color – Purple.

4. Food – Ice cream!

5. Smell – Fresh flowers!

6. Book – Great Expectations.

7. Movie – Mean Girls, don’t judge.

8. Music artist – Beyonce.

9. Genre of music – I guess pop.

10. Genre of literature – Does short stories count?

11. Magazine – I guess maybe Cosmopolitan? I don’t really read magazines anymore.

12. Texture – Soft?

13. Time of day – If it’s a work day, then I like 6:30 PM! If it’s a day off then anytime of day is good!

14. Day of the week – My days off!

15. Thing to do when bored – Watch Netflix, Disney +, go on social media, eat, call my mom, call my best friend Gillian or do some kind of beauty regimen.

16. Celebrity – Anna Kendrick.

17. Class in school – Art class!

18. Website – Facebook, it’s so easy to get sucked in!

19. Drink – Water, tea, coffee, wine or beer. That’s all I need!

20. Precious stone – Moonstone.

21. Animal – Leopard.

22. Flower – Sunflower.

23. Time in history – 90s!!

24. Font – Oh jeez! Not the best question for a graphic designer as it changes weekly! This week it’s Caviar Dreams!

25. Video game – I don’t play.

26. TV show – Game of Thrones, Queer Eye on Netflix, AHS, The Thrilling Tales of Sabrina, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelorette, lots of reality TV, I know how could I?!

27. Play – I’d rather see a musical! Maybe Wicked or the Wizard of Oz!

28. Sound – Hmm Idk? Someone I loves voice?

29. Fruit – Oh man, I love all the fruit! Except Grapefruit, that’s just nasty!

30. Vegetable – Roasted Zucchini with Parmesan is one of my all time favs!

31. Store/shop – TARGET!!!

32. Article of clothing you own – Currently it’s a blush colored sweater I got a few weeks ago!

33. Fashion/style – Whatever will keep me warm during winter is where I’m at right now with fashion.

34. Pattern – Gotta love the polka dot!

35. Workout – The kind when you bend and you reach your hand into the chip bag! No just kidding. Kind of. When I do workout I love doing leg machines!

36. Quote – “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” – Rumi

37. Historical figure – Willy Wonka.

38. Boy’s name – Remington.

39. Girl’s name – Khloe.

40. Potato chip flavor – Sour Cream and Onion.

41. Meal of the day – Breakfast! Yum!!

42. Ice cream flavor – Coconut, almond, chocolate chip!

43. Soda – Cherry Coke! Though I try not to drink soda.

44. Popcorn flavor – Extra butter!

45. Season – Spring! It feels like there is excitement in the air!

46. Month of the year – June? I feel like everyone says their birthday month.

47. Word – Bananas.

48. Disney princess – Jasmine.

49. Insult – I don’t like insults or diggs, what’s the point?

50. Joke – I love a good dad joke!

51. Cussword – I know it’s bad but I probably say JC the most.

52. Letter – Idk D because of my name?

53. YouTube channel – Sarah Therese.

54. Eye color – Mine are blue but I like brown.

55. Memory – Being young and playing during the summertime.

56. Dessert – Anything with chocolate in it! Bonus points if it also has cherries!

57. Candy – Fast Break bar!

58. Restaurant – A local restaurant here called the Aviator.

59. Lifehack – Labeling cords so you know which is which because that’s a headache!

60. Language – I only speak English, so I’ll go with that!

61. Thing to learn about – Anything useless like Astrology or celebrate gossip.

62. Thing about yourself – I have a strong sense of what is right.

63. Things to do with friends – Eat and or drink!

64. Artist – I love Yellena James, and she’s still alive! Check her out!

65. Age – I loved being 24! I had my first single girl apartment and I was on fire!

66. Fast food restaurant – Taco Bell and Wendy’s but I wish there was a Chick Fil A in my area!

67. Kind of museum – Art museum!

68. Style of house – I love a bungalow with a cozy porch!

69. Car – I’m not to into cars but I will say my next car will most likely be a Subaru Forester.

70. CD from your childhood – Probably NSYNC’s debut album or Hanson. I was of the boy band era!

71. Talk show host – Ellen!

72. Radio personality – Elvis Duran.

73. Football team – Giants! Though we also root for the Cowboys in this house.

74. Baseball team – Yankees!!!

75. Basketball team – Eh, I don’t really follow.

76. Thing to cook for dinner – Fish.

77. Way to treat yourself – Go get my nails done!

78. Snack – Cheese, crackers and pepperoni.

79. Reality TV show – Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

80. Kind of shoes – I would love to be able to wear flip flops all year round!

81. Holiday – Thanksgiving! I love the food! Though this year I’m super excited for Christmas!

82. Thing to clean – I love to vacuum!

83. Summer activity – Swimming!

84. Winter activity – Sledding.

85. Song – Salt and Pepa, Shoop.

86. TV show from your childhood – I loved Rainbow Brite, Fraggle Rock, My Little Ponies, Full House, oh my gosh there are so many good ones!

87. Number – 5. Idk why.

88. Kind of dog – I’m partial to Shih Tzus because my parents have Joey! But I also love Labradoodles and Corgis!

89. Sign (not your own) – All of my best friends have been Sagittarius’!

90. Fashion trend from the past – Leggings and oversized shirts, thank God they came back!

91. Old movie -The Princess Bride, 1987.

92. Cartoon – Family Guy I guess, I don’t watch too many cartoons anymore.

93. Halloween costume – I’ve been a witch probably ten times.

94. Coffee – Anything with Carmel!

95. Christmas song – O Holy Night.

96. Cookie – White chocolate macadamia nut.

97. Favorite home decorating style – Modern rustic.

98. Tree – Willow.

99. Body of water – Gulf of Mexico.

100. State – Florida.

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