I went to a psychic!

I know, I know, psychics are full of beans! But maybe they can give you a look into the future or some insight into your life’s path! At the very least, they’re fun! I’ve been to three psychics in the past and this was my third time, all different people. The first one I went to was a psychic medium and the other two used tarot cards. I was interested in going because I was in search for a little career guidance! I went to the same psychic my cousin Jen went to this past September. She liked her and from what she said it sounded like a good experience so I thought I’d give it a try!

The psychic rents out a space in a shop on Broadway in downtown Saratoga, NY. The shop is probably exactly how your picturing it: crystals, Buddha statues, jewelry, tarot decks, books you name it, if it sells in your average ‘mystic’ shop, they probably have it. I was early for my appointment as I always am and decided to look around the store a bit. I didn’t know what the psychic looked like. I walked behind a lady who was looking into a case, as soon as I passed her she jumped up and said, “oh I just saw a shadow!” I thought it was a little strange but thought, well there are some strange people out there! I told the woman at the front desk that I was early for my 2 o’clock appointment and that I would walk around some more if Theresa, the psychic, wasn’t ready. The woman who I had just passed who saw a shadow flew her hand up and said, “I’m Theresa and I am ready!” I went into a small office side room that was located across from the front desk. She asked me how long I paid for and I said an hour. She set her phone timer for 55 minutes and told me the last 5 minutes was for final thoughts and questions. She had me pick a tarot deck out of the seven decks she had on her desk. I chose a black and white deck that looked, to me anyways, like it had traditional tarot card images on it. She asked me what I wanted to focus on in the reading and I told her career. She told me to shuffle the deck anyway I liked and to then place the deck in the middle of the table.

She laid out three rows of, I think four cards. The first row symbolized where I was I’m my career, the middle where I was thinking of going and the last where I could go. The first row apparently meant that I was miserable in my current job situation. Anyone could probably guess that if your main question was to know what career you should go towards so I don’t know if that means she’s psychic. The second row stated I was thinking about going back for more job training to do something else. I was in fact thinking about this. She said that would not be a good idea as what I was thinking about learning I would get bored with quickly. I could see her point there. The last column talked about what I could do. She said I should look for something that isn’t just a job, that also has a purpose that I can feel good about doing and enjoy doing. She said with this job I would be working the marketing side of the business.

We started talking about some other questions and got on the topic of Gus and his job. She said between Christmas and the end of this February he would find a new job in a field related to what he is doing now and this job would take us down south. She said she saw Alabama more specifically, Huntsville, Alabama or Tennessee. She said once we move I will fall into my career path. Again I’m not so sure if I believe all that, I guess we shall see if we move! She did however say that I was a southern bell in a past life which I feel that.

All in all I can’t say I was amazed! It was a good experience but nothing really blew my mind. I will say the psychic medium I went to three years ago said some interesting things. She said I looked like my dad and the woman who had passed on his side of the family which I do. She said that my mom lost a baby boy and that boy had crossed over and was with another boy who had passed from kidney disease and an older lady. She said the name of the older lady but I didn’t recognize it and I asked my mom she couldn’t think of it either. The other little boy though would have been my cousin who died when he was young of kidney failure. That blew my mind a little. I might go back to her. She was kind of creepy though and she had porcelain dolls all over her office! Yikes!

If you’re open minded and just want to have some fun I say give going to a psychic a try! I love talking to friends about what they were told would happen, especially with boyfriends. One friend who was single at the time was told her future guy would have a boat so whenever she was interested in someone new the running joke would be, “well does he have a boat?!”

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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