One year as a family!

We’ve been in the new apartment just a little over a year now! If you would have told me five years ago that when I was 33 years old I would be living with my fiancé and his two kids I would not have believed you! I was the type of single girl who LOVED living alone! It took me 24 years of life to get my own bathroom and I was in heaven! I also loved keeping whatever schedule I wanted, leaving my space clean and coming back to it just how I left it, being able to spread my stuff out and not be crammed into a smaller space. I had to learn how to share this year!

One thing about me is that I love, love, love to organize! The first few months of living together I spent setting everything up, moving, deep cleaning, going through everything, finding a place for everything, it was the best! I think by taking that time and getting everything ready was really key in making the transition work for me. My fiancé is also super amazing! He is just the type of guy that’s very easy going and will let me pretty much do whatever he also has caught on to my quirks and doesn’t care, he just laughs at different things. For example, on our dining room floor I put little pen marks so that I know where the table goes. With two small kids it’s always getting pushed around! I just like to have things a certain way!

Another big thing for me was to get rid of everything in the apartment that had his exes fingerprints on it! Any pictures, things with her hand writing on it, things I knew were once hers, things I knew were given to him by her and or her family, things they used to have hanging on their walls. I wanted a fresh start and space just for him and I. The only items I have allowed to stay are a few things in the girls room which belong to them and some gifts to him from the girls that I know she picked out. We don’t have the best relationship, we get along fine enough for things so work and so the girls know that everything will remain stable but I find her very controlling and for now I’ll just call her a wild card. I didn’t want anything of hers or from they’re past life in my space.

While I was getting everything together with our new home I also had to get used to living with people again. I will definitely say over the year the sense of family definitely grew and continues to grow. Sadie the youngest was very unsure about me at first. When I first met her, she was three mind you, the first and only thing she said to me was, “when are you leaving?” Since living together I definitely have noticed she will be at a distance, then will come around to me and I think we’re cool but then she will go back to keeping her distance. I think since Gus and I have gotten engaged she has been a lot better and more consistent. I have a feeling her acting like that was a direct result of her mother and her mother’s girlfriends relationship. Yup, you read that right. They had been dating on again, off again since Sadie was a baby and by on again off again I mean the girlfriend was in and out of the house just about every month. Ellie and I have always been good, she’s starting to get that eight year old attitude now though. It only comes out once in awhile, she is real good with us. Then like I said, Gus is easy. We are also on opposite shifts which was good the first year while I was getting used to everything but now I’d like us both to be on first shift!

I definitely love my new family! Buuuut having a house with more space would be awesome!! I will leave you with some photos of my old, “single girl” apartment and a few pictures of the new apartment during the crazy first days of moving in from last October!

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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