Planning a Wedding – Yikes!

I wasn’t the kind of little girl who dreamt about a wedding. To tell you the truth I never thought I would get married. As a little girl a wedding date was too far off to dream about – I dreamt about being in high school, having a car, things like that. When in high school I dreamt about being in college and so on and so forth. Here I am now, engaged and planning a wedding that is to happen within a year!

As soon as you start telling people your engaged, the following question is always asked, “when’s the date?” Even before Gus and I got engaged we said we didn’t want a long engagement, a year tops. As far as the actual date we had gone back and forth quite a few times but we think we finally have the date set! Once you have the date you need to have a general idea of the guest list so you know how many people to plan for and if your wedding is going to be large, medium, small or very small. This information is pertinent in deciding where you will get married. The date, guest list and venue are the most important pieces of wedding planning, and as I am finding out – also the most challenging.

Depending on how much time you have and if you’re planning on getting married during peak wedding season, you might find that some venues are already completely booked! I started looking into a barn style wedding, there are a few places around here that do barn weddings and the venues are absolutely gorgeous! Well, everyone else thought so too and they are completely booked for the summer! Looking at the photos of the rustic barns dressed in sparkling lights and chandeliers I think is what suckered me in. After hearing that they were all booked up I realized that would have been too big of a venue for us anyways. We were looking into having a small to very small wedding. To tell you the truth we aren’t sure yet. Without knowing the exact size we decided to look into a few more venue ideas. We looked into a brunch at a golf course that’s literally 4 minutes from our apartment. We’ve thought about our favorite local park in front of a fountain there and we’ve also thought about our friend Jason’s church. Here are some pictures of the beautiful wedding barns that all fully booked so you can see how easy it was to get sucked in and some actual options.

Photos curtesy of Burlap and Beam.

Photos curtesy of Hiland Golf Course.

Crandall Park.

One of the easiest decisions for us was the wedding party! That we knew would be small! I am going to have my best friend Gillian as my maid of honor and he will have his best friend Matt as his best man. The girls will be flower girls and his sister’s son Noah will be the ring bearer. Our friend Jason is a pastor and we are going to have him marry us.

We are going to be using a picture from our engagement photo shoot for our save the dates and I am going to be making the invitations. We really liked the photographer who did our engagement photos so we will be having him do our wedding photos. We used Happy Lion Portraits and he was super fun and energetic and did an awesome job!

Some other easy decisions have been wedding colors, wedding dress, flowers, hair, decorations and cake! I won’t post any pictures of the dress or how I will look but here are some ideas I am playing around with!

Photos curtesy of Pinterest.

So as of now we have a general idea of what we would like and the direction we are going in, we just have to finalize a few things before we continue with planning!

We do plan on getting our wedding bands this coming week though and I am beyond excited!!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing where we’re at with wedding planning!

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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