My Morning Routine

First of all let me start off by telling you this, I am NOT a morning person! I typically have gone to bed late the night before because my fiancé works second shift and I get up at 7 am, some times 5 depending on work. My alarm goes off and for a brief 10 seconds I think, “why do I have to get up now?” – Oh yeah, work. In my younger years this was a very dangerous 10 seconds. This 10 seconds would either make or break my day. I would either get up and put my big girl pants on or I would go back to bed usually meaning I would miss my morning class. With that background information I will warn you, I’m not the girl who gets up early to exercise, or to journal or have some “me” time before the day starts. If that’s you I think that’s awesome but my morning looks a little different.

My alarm goes of at 7 am. I quickly turn it off so I don’t wake up my sound asleep fiancé. I feel around in the dark and make my way to the kitchen where I fix myself a cup of Yerba Mate tea. While the kettle is heating up I use the bathroom and then sit on the couch under a blanket with my eyes closed until the water is ready. With tea cup in hand I go back to bed. I reset my alarm for 7:35 – this gives me another half hour to sleep. My 7:30 alarm goes off. Again I turn it off quick and then I drink my tea in bed. At this point it’s cool enough to drink. I then go back into the kitchen and I fix my coffee. At this point I feel somewhat awake and I am ready to start getting ready.

I give myself an hour to get ready because I don’t like rushing and I like to be early to wherever I am going. I head into the bathroom with my coffee to get washed up. I shower at night so in the morning I just wash my face, underarms and clean my ears. Then I go get dressed. I pick my clothes out the night before and lay everything out on my desk which is by my side of the bed. I get dressed in the dark like a little mole so I don’t wake up my fiancé. Then it’s back to the bathroom for hair and makeup. If I wash my hair the night before I wet the whole thing and start fresh because curly haired life has its hardships. If it didn’t need washing the night before, I put it up in a bun. These mornings are the best because I despise doing my hair. Once the hair is done it’s time for makeup. I primarily focus on make my skin look good or at least look like I am alive, then I fix my brows and apply mascara. That’s the everyday makeup look. (I will get more into detail about my skincare regimen, hair and makeup in another blog.)

By this time I’m finishing up my coffee, I brush my teeth, put on my jewelry and put on my shoes. I fill my Hydro Flask up for work and take my vitamins with a full glass of water. I’ve been taking the Ritual Essential for Women multi vitamins and I also take Garden of Life Once Daily Women’s Probiotics. I put my jacket on, grab my purse and I’m out the door.

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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