My Best Friends Wedding

My best friend Gillian and her husband Matt are coming up on their first wedding anniversary! They got married a year ago this coming Sunday, December 1st! I know everyone probably says their best friends wedding was one of the best weddings they’ve ever been to, but my best friends wedding was one of the best I’ve ever been to! Gillian planned an amazing wedding, in just three months mind you, right after moving into a new house!

The wedding was held at the Inns of Aurora in Aurora, NY, which if you’re not familiar, I wasn’t, is on Cayuga Lake. The get away was perfect and much needed. Gus and I had moved into our apartment about two months prior and it was a big adjustment so it was nice to get away for the weekend and spend some quality time together! I had never been to the finger lakes and neither had he so we were both pretty excited and he had never met Gillian or Matt!

It took us about four hours to get there. Once we arrived we were met by a super small but super quaint little town. The Inns make up a majority of the main street and are all from either the 1800s or 1900s and have been restored to their current state of glory. The wedding party stayed in the Rowland House, a brilliantly restored, 19th century house all decked out in chic designs, modern art and Christmas decorations. Gus and I stayed in room number 8, the Mackenzie-Child’s room. At first the sight was a bit much to take in but we grew to love the room and it was fun to see everyone’s reaction to the room when they walked in!

Photos curtesy of The Inns of Aurora.

There wasn’t too much to do for wedding set up, Gillian’s mom and aunts took to decorating bright and early and had everything under control. This was the second wedding that I had been in and as far as my bridesmaids duties there wasn’t really too much to do aside from getting myself ready. I even got to wear a black dress I already had! Like I said, my girl knows how to plan!

The rehearsal went fantastic and after we all went back to our house for an amazing dinner! The food was delicious and served buffet style, which is my all time favorite! We all enjoyed the Inn and probably stayed up a little too late, but it was like a mini vacation for everyone!

The next morning was a lazy and relaxing one, it was also wedding day! Breakfast was ready at our leisure in the dinning room. Most of the girls went to morning yoga, I stayed back to have some good quality time with Gus. I’m also not really down for morning yoga, especially before morning coffee. Gus and I walked around downtown and checked out a few little shops, we also walked down to the dock in the back of Rowland House to check out the water. For December in New York we got very lucky with the weather – it was only a little chilly and we had not gotten snow yet, I didn’t even have to wear my winter jacket!

The girls started getting ready around 2 o’clock as it was a 5 o’clock wedding. We did our own makeup and Gillians hairdresser made the trip out to do all of our hair! We enjoyed the typical bridal party drink of mimosas and we got ready to walk Gillian down the isle!

The wedding began promptly at 5 pm. We all made our way to the wedding venue which was a few buildings down from the house we were staying in. Everyone was there by the time we arrived and were awaiting our entrance into the ball room. One by one we all marched through the entry doors, down the isle and made our way to the front of the room which was all decorated with lit candles. Our backdrop was a wall full of windows and glass doors that over looked the lake. At the time it was growing dark and out the windows you could see the beautiful lights that decorated the outside deck.

The wedding was officiated by Gillian’s older brother, Greg, who did an amazing job! Both bride and groom wrote their own vows and when I say there wasn’t a dry eye in the place, that’s the truth! Even Gus whom had just met the bride and groom shedded a few tears!

After the ceremony we took pictures outside while everyone enjoyed cocktail hour in the hall and the ball room got turned over for dinner and dancing. The pictures came out beautiful! The backdrop couldn’t have been more gorgeous with the lake views behind us. The food was amazing and it was great to dance and mingle with old friends!

The next morning after checkout we all went across the street to a bar that put on a huge breakfast buffet for all of the wedding guests! We’ve already established that I love a good buffet, give me a breakfast buffet and I’m on cloud 9! After we ate and said our goodbyes and final congratulations Gus and I hit the road!

Happy anniversary to Matt and Gillian!!!

This post also falls on Gillian’s birthday, so happy birthday Gillian!

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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