Snow Day /Decorating for Christmas!

We got our first snow super early this year in upstate New York – needless to say we had our first official full snow day today! ❄️

We decided to take advantage of the long weekend and did a ton of Christmasy activities! We had the girls for an extended weekend as it was Thanksgiving week. We got them on Friday and had them until this afternoon. Friday when I got home from work we did dinner and a movie and watched Home Alone! We just got Disney Plus as it’s free for the first year if you have Verizon unlimited and it’s amazing! They have every Disney movie or show, I’m even talking about the old Disney channel movies like Zenon Girl of the 21st Century! Yes, I’m a Disney nerd!

Saturdays I work until 4:30 and when I got home we had dinner and watched another Christmas movie! We watched Noelle on Disney plus which made that the third time we had seen it now since getting getting Disney Plus! It is a super cute movie and I love Anna Kendrick so I could watch it a few more times! After that we did our story time, which is 20 to 30 minutes of reading and then the girls got ready for bed.

Sunday we decorated for Christmas!! I had been excited to decorate for the last month! When I lived by myself I didn’t decorate at all for the first six years then the last two I had a little tree. Last year we just used his little tree and this year I was set on getting a big tree! We got a six foot, green, pre-lit tree from Target and I love it! We got a new star and a few new decorations to pair with some we made and some I had. We decorated the tree and put up a few other decorations I had. Then we listened to Christmas music, put the fire log on the TV (YouTube) and made Christmas cookies! After we watched Home Alone 2, had dinner and again did story time and the girls went to bed.

Our “big” tree! 🎄😁
Decorations are from Target and Ace Hardware, candles are from Bath and Body Works, scents are ‘Tis the Season’ and ‘Merry Cookie.’
Advent Santa calendar from Target!

Today, like I said was a SNOW DAY! We got about a foot of snow all together and it was perfect snow man making snow – so that’s just what we did! ⛄️

Sadie, who is five, told just about everyone we saw outside of our apartment that, “we’ve got a big tree! – and a Santa on our door!”

I hope you have been enjoying the start to your holiday season and as always, thanks for reading!

– D

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