Honest Drunk Elephant Review

Okay so I went a little over board with the Drunk Elephant. It was not my intention to purchase all of these products to then do a full review but I got a little obsessed. Lets dive in.

It all began when I fell down the YouTube beauty rabbit hole. Like so many other products these influencers just make everything look so dang good! – And I am weak!! It started with my first Drunk Elephant order. I got the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial mini which came with a mini Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil and the Protini Polypeptide Cream. The order also came with a free sample of the Lala Retro Whipped Cream and the Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser.

After using these products here are my thoughts – The T.L.C. Babyfacial burned a little while on though did leave my skin tone looking more even and the Virgin Marula Oil that is recommend to use after did feel very luxurious! My skin typically does not do well with facial oils. I have combination skin and large pores and facial oils tend to create cystic acne. This mask and oil regimen is recommended to use once per week so at that infrequency of use I didn’t notice any negative effects. I didn’t end up repurchasing either of these items. I loved the Protini Polypeptide Cream! I used this cream at night and for my combo skin it was the perfect consistency. It’s not too thick to where it just sits on your face and I loved how my skin looked when I woke up in the morning – It looked clearer and the tone was even, there was no redness or random dry patches. The only thing about this product that I don’t like is the price! I just finished my bottle and have been going back and forth about re-purchasing. For now I have decided to go with a cheaper option. I’ve been hearing lately about the brand Good Molecules. They are a clean beauty brand that is super affordable and I just purchased their Super Peptide Serum online for $12 – it should arrive next week. My beauty dupe is to use this under my current face lotion. I’ll let you know how it goes! In this order I also got two free samples, the Lala Retro Whipped cream which I did enjoy, though with my combo skin I felt it was too heavy. I also got the Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser, which I love a good cleansing balm though at $34 retail value I don’t think I would purchase this. I actually got the Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm for $15 with my recent Good Molecules purchase so I am excited to try that out. I will also say this about the Drunk Elephant cleansing balm, it had an oily feel that felt like it didn’t wash completely off the skin so someone with combo or oily skin like me might not like that. I do prefer cleansing balms that milk off the skin when you apply water.

T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial mini with Virgin Marula Oil mini – $28
Protini Polypeptide Cream – $68

I made a few smaller purchases after that and ended up with the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, C-Firma Day Serum, B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, A-Passioni Retinol Cream, and the Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense SPF 30. I would say I think the T.L.C. Framboos is the worst product I’ve tried from Drunk Elephant. I understand the product is a mixture of different acids that’s main goal is to buff away dull skin cells, unclog oily pores and even out skin tone, but every time I use it my face breaks out into an oily mess. I can’t get beyond it because I’m afraid what will happen! I’ve determined this product is too strong for me. I do enjoy the C-Firma in the morning and after that drys down I apply the B-Hydra which does work well for me because I do have combo skin and the B-Hydra is very light. I don’t mix the products like the company suggests as that doesn’t make too much sense to me. I’d rather have each product absorb evenly. I also like the A-Passioni, though I haven’t been using it lately now that we’re in winter. It does tend to dry my skin out a bit, you really do have to start out with the recommend once weekly usage. At that point though I end up forgetting to use it. The last full product I’ve purchased is the Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense SPF 30. I went out on a limb with this product as I am so fair skinned though if you just use a small amount it will all blend in and give you a nice glow. I do like this product though I don’t think it is, for me, worth the price point. Products are typically only good for a year and I live in upstate New York, that means I have 2-3 months to use a sun screen. I did not finish this tube so I essentially wasted $36 on this product. I did also use up a sample size of their Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser which sells at retail value for $32. I did really enjoy the cleaner, but I just don’t think it’s worth the price.

C-Firma Day Serum – $80
B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum – $52
T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum – $90
A-Passioni Retinol Cream – $74
Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 – $36

All in all I found some products in the line that I liked, some that I didn’t but I honestly don’t believe I will re-purchase any of the products at their high price point. I believe there are similar products out there at a cheaper price or just cheaper alternatives out there in general.

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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