Why I Use CBD Oil & Buying Tips

I have been using CBD oil now for about seven months. I tried it on a whim after hearing some amazing reviews from people online. I decided to give it a try after a YouTuber I watch, Kackie Reviews Beauty, said that she uses it and gets hers from a company called Rawsome. I decided to trust her views on this company as they are local to her so I thought she would have a pretty good read on them and I trust her opinion on skincare so why not CBD oil as well?

Reported health benefits of CBD oil include:

  • Relief from anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Can alleviate cancer related symptoms
  • Might have neuroprotective properties
  • Sleep aid
  • Can reduce acne
  • Could benefit heart health
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Balancing hormones
  • Can aid in quitting smoking

And more…

Right away I saw a difference in sleeping and my anxiety seemed to get a lot better! It seems to be back up there now but that could also be due to my increased stress levels since October. I also have noticed a difference in my hormones since taking CBD Oil. My hormones have always been all over the place – I had a pituitary tumor removed back in ‘08 and my hormones were never quite right. I haven’t had any lab work to confirm anything but I feel like things are evening out more as far as hormone levels go. I do also think food plays into things for me – I notice my hormones are better when I eat a keto diet and I have not been doing that. I plan on doing keto again the month of January so I am curious to see how I feel doing that diet and taking the CBD oil. I think a few months into using the CBD oil what happened was, I noticed I was feeling a lot better so I started eating worse thinking I could get away with it!

Another thing to watch out for when purchasing CBD oil is the source. Are you buying your oil from a good quality company, or did you get it from a whole foods store that had a small display on the counter? I think some gas stations even sell it now! All sources are NOT created equal! Two months ago I tried a local store that even markets themselves as having great CBD oil. I went there, met the owner, asked questions and got the low down of the shop. I even showed her what I had been using. I noticed a few read flags while I was talking to her. I asked her about the milligram strength of her oil and I pointed to the mg strength on my current bottle, I asked her if hers was equal to that. The strength I showed her that I was using was 1200 mg. She told me that number had nothing to do with the strength, that that number was how much was in the bottle. Despite what she said I still bought the CDB oil, I typically like to learn the hard way. She cashed me out and told me she was going to put some informational packets in my bag. I said, “okay, thank you, bye.” I got home and went through the bag. I had a printed out packet of the shop owners back story with CBD oil usage. It was. Interesting. Needless to say I didn’t believe a word of it. The mg strength on this new bottle said 750 so I knew it wasn’t going to perform AS WELL as what I had been using due to being a lower strength but after a month of use it was like I was back at square one, like this oil wasn’t even performing at all!

My advice would be to know your source! Ask questions and don’t waste money if you feel like something isn’t right. CBD oil isn’t cheap and if you’re interested in taking it, chances are you’re looking for relief from something!

I have been using the Rawsome CBD tincture. I started out with the essential tincture which is a 600 mg strength. I used that for three months and then went up to the performance tincture which is 1200 mg. I am just using this company as an example of what I think to be a good source of product as I have been using it. I don’t receive any kind of payment from this company for promoting them.

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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