Decluttering My Wardrobe /Minimalism

This year I decided not to wait for January to start my typical winter declutter. I figure if I start now then January I can focus more on my other goals: changing my diet! I also feel like things are more cluttered than they usually are and I can’t take it anymore!

I am not 100% finished yet, there is a LOT I want to go through! I started last night on the closet and my dresser. Things here got a little more cramped after we got more Christmas decorations this year. The items that were under the bed had to be moved to my dresser to make room for the new decorations! I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist currently – it is something I strive for. I love the idea of just having what you need everyday and not a lot of extra stuff. When I have too much stuff I would say 85% of it doesn’t end up getting used and I feel annoyed with myself for having it in the first place. I’m just the type of person that gets very stuck in a routine, I wear the same few outfits to work, I wear the same makeup everyday, I wear the same jewelry and I have a ton of extra stuff!

I don’t do any kind of “capsule” wardrobe. All of the clothing items I have are either hanging up in the closet or in the top three drawers of my dresser. The bottom two drawers is where I crammed all of the items I moved from under the bed: extra purses, my cloth luggage, travel bags etc. I share the closet with Gus so I think it’s pretty good that all of our clothes fit! He doesn’t have too much for the closet though.

I typically bring all of my unused items to our local Salvation Army to donate. The only items I don’t bring are items with holes, stains etc., items I might want to try to sell and books. Books I take to our local library and I donate them there. I usually don’t have much luck with selling old items so I will only sell name brand purses that I no longer use and other accessories.

When I was done going through my clothes I had a pretty good size pile! Im going to wait to take items to the Salvation Army as I still need to go through shoes, jackets and some other items. We have some of the girls Christmas presents hidden in my shoe bin and I don’t want to disturb them!

Clothes and other items to be taken to the Salvation Army.

I decided it was a good time to implement a new folding system in my drawers. One reason I didn’t wear a majority of my clothes I think is because I couldn’t see them! My old way of folding was to just stack all items on top of one another. I usually grab the shirt that’s on the top so you can see why I wouldn’t be getting a good rotation in! This way of folding I took a shirt, put it face down on a flat surface, I folded the two sides in and then folded up from the bottom four times. I was left with a small 3×4 inch rectangle that fit perfectly into the drawer so that I could see all of the items! I am pretty excited to see how picking out clothes goes, I also notice that I own a lot of black!

Here are my two main drawers (the third just has summer shorts.) My top drawer is where I put t-shirts and tank tops and my second is where I have my work out clothes and PJs.

“I’ve learned that minimalism is not about what you own, it’s about why you own it.”

Brian Gardner

I hope you found some new tips and tricks and as always, thanks for reading!

– D

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