What I Want for Christmas

I usually don’t do too much for Christmas. This year we did do more with decorating. I do love the feeling a lit tree gives to a home and we put up a few cute decorations! I don’t send cards, I don’t go overboard with Christmas baking and I don’t do too much Christmas gift shopping. We of course get a few things for the girls – I believe Christmas gifts are for kids! Gus and I for the past few years have gotten one thing in which we split the cost that we want. This year we got our wedding bands. For my parents I usually go with a gift certificate for them to go have a nice date night and go out to dinner. For his parents and his sister we usually do nothing, but since we did our family pictures this year, they are all getting a framed picture! That and my work secret Santa just about does it.

As far as what I want, I typically don’t want anything! I think time spent with friends and family (some family) is gift enough! I also think food is a great gift!

Sure I used to like getting gifts but now that I’m older I don’t really need anything! I don’t care for people giving me pointless things that I didn’t want. That just adds to home clutter and it adds to a lot of wasted packaging. I find work secret Santa’s extremely annoying – talk about a waste!

I think people definitely begin to get stressed during the Christmas season, they don’t call it the silly season for nothing! I think we should all just dial it back and let ourselves relax!

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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