Gillian’s Baby Shower

Wahoo – first blog of 2020!!

This past weekend my mom and I traveled to the Rochester area to attend my best friend’s baby shower! We have been besties since high school, I won’t tell you how long that has been, but ever since I can remember she has wanted a baby! Now in less than two months she will become a new momma to a little baby girl! Her and her husband couldn’t be more ecstatic!

We left early Saturday morning to make the four hour drive to Rochester in order to make it just in time for the shower. Luckily it was just sprinkling and we only hit a little snow flurry. For New York this time of year, that’s pretty good! I was worried we would be driving in a blizzard and our four hour drive would turn into seven and we would miss the shower! We made it just in time!

The shower was beautiful! The baby’s room is cactus themed, so the shower was decorated to suite! My banner image for this post is the wallpaper that they used as an accent wall in the baby’s nursery behind the crib! When we got there, there was mingling before brunch was ready. Let me stop here and tell you this, a breakfast buffet is one of my most favorite things in the world, right next to ice cream on warm summer nights and buying new skincare! There were also mimosas! The food was amazing: a delicious onion and cheese egg bake, cooked to perfection bacon, sausage and sliced turkey, skinless fingerling potatoes in a light semi spicy sauce, fresh fruit, cinnamon buns, and the most amazing waffles I’ve ever had with a berry compote to go on top! I was not surprised that the shower was of this caliper, the girl put a wedding together in three months!

📸 Gillian’s shower!

After we all had our fill, the shower games began! We played name that tune, all the songs had the word baby in them, like the chart topping 1998 hit by Britney Spears, … Baby One More Time. There was a rock painting station where the rocks would later be used for a decoration in the baby’s room. Then we did gifts! We played the standard baby gift BINGO, I won a candy dish full of dark chocolates and we watched as Gillian opened registry gifts as well as wonderful handmade gems. Another cute card guests filled out for Gillian was a family tradition card where guests were to write down they’re favorite family traditions. We ended the shower with delicious, cactus decorated cupcakes! Mine was an almond cake with traditional vanilla frosting – yum!

My mom and I stayed over in Rochester that night, we got a hotel that was a few minutes from Matt and Gillian’s new home. After the shower we went to check in. I have this thing were whenever I get home or to my temporary home, in this case the hotel room, I put on my pre-jammies. Pre-jammies are comfy clothes that you could wear out of the house and look somewhat decent but you wouldn’t wear to bed because you would sweat to death. My mom, excited that the TV had Netflix had me log in so she could poke around. She has never looked through the Netflix cue, I know, how can you get to 2020 without experiencing Netflix, it happens, now she’s hooked! I took a nap. When I woke up it was around 4:30, the sun was beginning to set. I got back into my real human clothes then we headed out to Gillian’s house.

We didn’t stay too long, we just went for a house tour, to see the nursery and for a short visit. The house was beautiful and the nursery was perfect, I can’t wait to go back to visit in a short few months when there will be a baby living in that nursery!

The next morning we slept in and then enjoyed some breakfast in bed before packing up and hitting the road. As I soon am starting keto, I decided on banana bread french toast and my mom got avocado toast.

Yum! 😋

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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