My NEW Skincare Routine

It’s 2020 and time for a new skincare regimen! The holidays put my skin through the ringer—we’re talking new break outs everyday, it was an oily mess! Sugar always does that to my skin and this holiday season I went a little overboard!

In addition to changing up my routine to using all clean beauty I also wanted to slim down my skincare collection. I didn’t want to have 10 products to pack onto my face everyday, I wanted a few good products that were clean, worked for me and that could take the place of some of my more expensive products.

I started by investing in the Foreo Luna 2 for Combination Skin. I got the Luna 2 because I heard great reviews on it and watched quite a few YouTube tutorials of influencers stating how great it worked for them. The Luna 2 also seemed to be more user friendly—on this device there is an on/off button, whereas on the Luna 3 there is no button. I got my device on the Sephora website when it was on sale during the holidays, original retail price is $169. I’ve been using the Luna 2 for about a month now and I love the results! My skin has cleared up so much! I have cleaned up my diet since the holidays and have been using some other new products but I know the Luna 2 is a contributor to my skins turn around. My skin has never looked cleaner or more even toned then it does when using this device!

No breakouts here!

Two other new products I began using from the Ursa Major line have been super amazing as well: the Fantastic Face Wash and the Fortifying Face Balm. The face wash retails at $28 for an 8 oz bottle and the balm comes in a 2.5 oz bottle and retails for $36. Both also come in a smaller size if you wanted to try the products before buying the larger bottle or they are also great for traveling! The products are great because the whole line is good, clean beauty! I love the face wash, it’s an AHA cleanser that works without stripping your skin of its natural moisture or messing with your PH balance. It’s a great light weight, foaming cleanser and it works great with the Foreo devices. I love the balm because it is super lightweight and is fast absorbing. This balm pacts a punch with all of its good natural ingredients and it doesn’t clog pores or create shine! If you have oily or combo skin this facial balm is a must to try!

My next two products are from Good Molecules. The Instant Cleaning Balm which retails for $15. This product removes all of my makeup perfectly and also rinses completely off of my skin with no oily residue. I also love their Super Peptide Serum, $12 on Peptides are great for the skin because they work to repair and rebuild damaged cells and signal skin to produce collagen. I love these products, it’s been two months now of using them and I will repurchase!

My next product is from a company that I will definitely be purchasing more from in 2020 — in fact I should have a package from them waiting for me when I get home, it’s Thrive Cosmetics! I’ve been using their Overnight Sensation Brightening Sleep Mask about once or twice a week. I love my skin when I wake up in the morning! It’s brighter, more even toned, my under eye circles look better—less dark, and my skin is super hydrated! If it wasn’t enough that this company creates amazing products, they also do great things! They are completely vegan and cruelty free and they help a handful of great causes centered around women! I love the brand and I can’t wait to try more from them!

My last new product is the Glossier Bubblewrap under eye cream. I am still uncertain of this brands cleanliness when it comes to clean beauty, it is a bit vague on their site. I wanted to try this particular product as I have sunken in dark circles and this product stated it will plump them. Honestly, I haven’t used it that many times, but I don’t notice too much of a difference when I do use it. I will finish the bottle, but I don’t think I will repurchase.

Here is my skincare regimen…


• Wash face with Foreo Luna 2 and Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

• Good Molecules Super Peptide Serum

•Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm

Then makeup


•Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm

•Wash face with Foreo Luna 2 and Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

At night I either finish using…

• Drunk Elephant C-Firma, Fortifying Face Balm and Glossier Bubblewrap

• Thrive Cosmetics Overnight Sensation Brightening Sleep Mask

• Drunk Elephant A Passoni

Also once a week I use the Eminence Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant to slough off dead skin. This product retails for about $44. I’ve been using this product for years and it does a great job at gently providing a physical exfoliate.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and as always, thanks for reading!

– D

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