Morning Rituals

I’ve always taken a multi vitamin, whether I was 9 years old having my morning Flintstones and side of cinnamon sugar toast, or 25 and going through my “omg, I need 10 organic vitamins a day to stay alive,” phase. I went about a year last year not taking ANY vitamins—I think I burnt myself out. For the past three months I’ve been taking the Ritual’s Essential for women multivitamin and I have been loving them!

Let me just first touch on the obvious, the packaging and product itself is dang cute! I know that shouldn’t matter, but in this day in age, let’s face it, it does. The whole Ritual marketing plan is great and I, like any other millennial (elder millennial), can get behind it.

Ritual Essential first time order.

Rituals whole thing is they are a female-founded company led by, Kat Schneider, who saw the need for a women’s supplement that would take the approach of less-is-more and that would be designed with integrity of ingredients in mind.

Ritual Essential nutrient information from first time order.
Ritual Essential capsules.


These 9 ingredients are the result of Ritual lab scientists spending countless hours combing through thousands of studies to find out which nutrients women are most commonly missing. Another piece of the puzzle was absorption. The Ritual Essential vitamins are designed to be in the best form for bodily absorption. Check this out, over 90% of other multivitamins use folic acid (the cheaper form) verses food form folate which is what our bodies are able to absorb! Ritual uses food form folate. The vitamins are also vegan/ gluten free and in every bottle you’ll find a handy mint insert to mask the smell of any omega 3 fishy orders! All nutrient information can be found on the company’s website—I always recommend doing a complete review of a company’s website before buying any products!

Ritual Essential mint insert!

My experience:

First off, I love, love, love the fact that they automatically ship you your vitamins each month before you run out and they do an automatic deduction. If you make the decision to take a daily multivitamin, chances are you’re going to need to make several purchases and it’s SO much easier to not have to think about ordering them every month. Next price, it’s a $30 monthly deduction, I personally think that that’s reasonable. It’s a dollar a day for better health. Yes they’re cute, yes they’re Instagram worthy, how do they make me FEEL? Great! I’m no stranger to taking and trying different kinds of vitamins, these vitamins I was able to start taking without having any disruption to my daily BM like with most vitamins. They also don’t turn my urine that fluorescent yellow color! Side note, vitamins that do that have ingredients added that you don’t need and they are coming out, hence you are paying for ingredients that your body isn’t using. Right from the first day I felt like I had more energy! My skin looks WAY better and knock on wood I haven’t caught any of the sicknesses that have been going around my house! My fiancée just had the stomach flu last week and I didn’t catch it! On going use of the vitamin is supposed to continue to support health and wellness and even aid in the aging process! Needless to say I will be a repeat customer for a long time!

Disclaimer: Multivitamins shouldn’t be seen as replacements for a healthy diet or medication. It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before beginning a new supplement routine. Individual needs for vitamins and minerals will vary.

*All facts were obtained from the company website.

Thanks for reading! I hope your all staying healthy through this long January!

– D

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