Home Organizing with Kids

So before my now fiancé and I moved in I was eight years a bachelorette! Needless to say I grew a lot as a person moving in with him and his two young daughters! I had a few tools in my bag that I used to make my transition easier and one of those tools was to organize, organize, organize!

I was the most nervous about the bathroom situation. Having my own bathroom for eight years was like a dream! I’ve also heard horror stories from other moms/ stepmoms of kids getting into bathroom products and squeezing them all over the bathroom, kids getting into makeup, kids grabbing ahold of razors and so on! I did NOT want any of that to be a possibility so I got to organizing real quick!

We have our medicines on the top shelf, then a bin full of back up products and some of Gus’ things, my facial basket and my shower caddy, towels are kept on the second self and then Gus’ shower caddy along with the girls and then hand towels and wash clothes. We keep our shower completely empty, we were told by our landlord we had to because the shower was painted, but I love keeping it empty and keeping our shower items like this!

Underneath the main bathroom sink is where we store toilet paper and extra Puffs Plus with Lotion! We also keep Sadie’s tub toys down there in a purple bucket! In the small cabinet above the toilet I keep my curl products, deodorant and brushes and Gus keeps his hair gel and deodorant. I used to keep my makeup up here as well but when I switched to the glass container it no longer fit, so now I keep it on top of my dresser.

Here is Gus’ and my closet, my dresser fits nicely in here and it’s out of the way! I wrote a blog awhile back where I talk about how I have organized our closet and my clothes, here is the link!
Decluttering my Wardrobe /Minimalism

The next big organization project was the kitchen. Both Gus and I had full kitchens, then we merged them into one—yikes! We did go through and donate quite a bit of stuff but we still had a lot even after that. I had these two book selves in my old apartment that we put in the dinning area which is right off of our galley kitchen. Here we keep all of our larger kitchen items that we don’t use often, we have an area set up for tea because we are big tea drinkers, we have our cook books here and mixing bowls. The kitchen cabinets are full of items we use more on a daily basis.

Extra kitchen items that we don’t use very often.

I also wanted to get the girls more organized. We got a book shelf that doubles as a toy shelf and we have also put their TV on top of it. This is super helpful as now when we ask them to pick up and put their toys away they have somewhere to put them—they know what the expectation is. We also worked on organizing their clothes. However we do still have a lot to go through in their room. I tired giving the three of them the task one day before Christmas while I was at work to go through toys and make a pile to donate. What happened was two old and ratty toys got thrown away and I came home to an apartment littered with toys I haven’t seen in years now being played with! I think for spring cleaning we will try again.

Book /toy shelf.

I hope you got some good organizing ideas and as always, thanks for reading! If you have any tips on going through kids toys, let me know!!

– D

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