Thrive Causemetics Wear Test

I have recently been purchasing more and more from Thrive Causemetics! I was first introduced to Thrive when I was enrolled to receive the Fab Fit Fun Box. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the subscription box, it seems like every celebrity from JWoww to Beverly Mitchell has been promoting it! Well in my first box I got the Thrive Brilliant Eye Brightener in the shade Stella—I loved the product and began doing my research on the company.

Who is Thrive Causemetics?

Thrive was founded by an amazing woman, Karissa Bodnar, who had a vision of creating a makeup company that would be kind to animals, the Earth and to women. All of the products are vegan, free of parabens and sulfates and none of them are tested on animals! Thrive also gives back to women based charities (hence the name cause-metics) and women in need: women who are battling cancer, women who are battling domestic abuse, women veterans, and women who are emerging from homelessness. Thrive either gives back in beauty products or the company gives monetary contributions. They are coming up on their biggest charity event yet and will be donating 30 million dollars worth of beauty products to more than 50 charities benefiting women in need. This event is in honor of Karissa’s 30th birthday!

Wear test…

I will be testing three products for a full day, my day is roughly 12 hours long. The first product is the Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel in the shade Light – Dark Blonde. I am a former user of the Glossier Boy Brow, so I am no stranger to brow gels, in fact, I prefer them. Before brow gels I was using a brow pencil and just a clear gel on top of that to make it stay, it never fully stayed for an entire day though. I’m also testing the Buildable Blur CC Cream in the shade Fair with Cool Undertones, because I am super, duper pale and to finish the look I am testing the Filtered Effects Soft Focus HD Setting Powder, for this product there is one shade.

Thrive products I will be testing.
Close up of setting powder and brow gel. I love the packaging of the powder, the mesh layer ensures all of the product will stay in until your ready for it. I also love the tapered wand of the brow gel applicator!

But first pricing!

Along with the makeup I also got the Thrive Blend + Blur Sponge and the Filtered Effects-All Over Face Brush. I know when you look at the pricing for each individual product it can seem very pricey! It is! That’s because you’re getting not only a great product but a portion of sales is going to all of these great causes that help and support women! I took advantage of the face set when I made this purchase. The CC Cream, makeup sponge, setting powder and facial brush all together was $119. Separately the CC Cream is $38, the makeup sponge is $18, the brush alone is $49 and the setting powder is $35 in total that’s a whopping $140! So when you get the set you are saving $21 which is a pretty good deal. So take care of and clean regularly the makeup sponge and brush and you won’t need to repurchase those items! The brow gel was $24, compared to the Glossier product I was using, Boy Brow retails at $16 so the Thrive is $8 more. You just have to keep in mind that when you are purchasing Thrive you are not only paying for a great product but you’re paying for a product that supports great causes!


I always start my look with concealer but for the sake of this wear test I’m just going to be using the CC Cream to see how it handles my dark circles and blemishes! Right off the bat I can tell you I love the sponge! It’s a typical makeup sponge though it has a flattened side which makes it easier to apply the CC Cream in certain areas, like in the corner of my eyes, as when tilted the sponge has a really narrow edge. It’s also easier on large flat surfaces like my forehead and jaw. I love the way the CC Cream applies and I love the smell! It has an SPF of 35 which is great for me because I am so fair skinned and I often do not put sunscreen on my face, I know, I’m terrible. The color seems to match me perfectly and it does cover extremely well. My breakouts actually aren’t too bad right now, I just have a little redness from past breakouts on my chin but the CC Cream did a great job at covering it. My first impression is this CC Cream really did the job of covering what I wanted covered and providing an even skin tone. My only complaint with the CC Cream so far is, to me the tube seems a little small. The tube is 1.0 Fl oz, I just wonder how long it will last before I have to repurchase, time will only tell. I love, love, love the Filtered Effects-All Over Face Brush! It is so luxurious! I mean for the price it ought to be, but sometimes you can spend the money on something and it turns out not to be worth it, this is worth it! The setting powder goes on effortlessly, it did however leave some shine uncovered. Before this I was a LONG time wearer of the L’Oréal True Match powder foundation and when you put this on, there was NO shine, like you were matte! So I did notice a difference then what I was used to but I am hopeful at the end of the day this product will out perform. The L’Oréal didn’t stay matte throughout the day, in fact I started to get break through shine pretty much an hour into my day.

Excuse my tired look, it’s early—time for work!

12 hours later…

My face really held up throughout the day! I just did my regular day of work, nothing too strenuous but I had the makeup on for a full 12 hours before washing. My shine was no different then it was with the L’Oréal product that I had been previously using. I did notice however the makeup didn’t look “cakey” throughout the day. You know when you put a full face on and it looks flawless then a few hours later you notice it’s on there pretty heavy and it’s starting to move around or it’s started to settle into your pores and it looks like your wearing makeup? This makeup doesn’t do that. It stayed pretty smooth throughout the day. The brows stayed like champs! Without brow gel it looks like I have no eyebrows so a good brow gel for me is a must! I honestly like the Thrive brow gel better than Glossier, Boy Brow! I love the Thrive applicator better, it makes the application process goof proof! I also love the color! It’s a little richer and deeper in color which I think looks better on me because my hair is darker than my brows. I’m curious to see how long the CC Cream will last me but I do like the product. As far as the setting powder, there are two other powders I want to try so if I’m being honest I will most likely try them next and then maybe come back to this one!

Everything held up great throughout my day!

Last thoughts

I love the company and what they stand for. I think they are really making an impact in the beauty wold! The products are great, I can’t wait to try more and I think the free beauty bag with purchase is a nice touch!

*All facts were obtained from the company website and company Instagram account.

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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