Keto Green Smoothie Recipe

I’m sure I’m not alone here when I say, kale is disgusting! While I’m at it I’m going to throw spinach under the bus too! Sure they have great health benefits like: being super rich in antioxidants, being great sources of vitamins and protein, I mean kale is basically all around one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet—but it’s gross!

What do I do when healthy foods taste bad? I put them in smoothies or I hide them in baked goods!

Today I’m going to show you how I eat my green leafy vegetables!

I’ll let you in on a little secret—I keep my kale and spinach in the freezer! This ensures they last longer than a week and they also blend better into the smoothie this way! I usually buy organic greens that have been pre-washed and I like buying them in the plastic tubs as I think they store better in the freezer this way!

Both my kale and spinach are store brand, I shop at Hannaford, which is a grocery store local to the north east.

I also started buying frozen avocados for my smoothies! I love fresh avocados but it’s so frustrating buying them, you wait 5 days until it’s ripe and then you have a 10 minute window until it goes bad! So I buy frozen and forget that whole mess!

These avocado are Welch’s—I know, not organic! Other brands need to get on the ball with the frozen avocados! 🥑

Now that you know my tricks, here’s the full recipe …


• One handful of kale

• One handful of spinach

• The equivalent of one half of an avocado

• One scoop of Vega One Organic All-In-One Shake in flavor French Vanilla

• One scoop of Nutiva Superseed Blend (ground flax, chia & hemp) I get the one with coconut

• Two cups Silk unsweetened almond & coconut blend


Add all of the ingredients into your mixer and blend until smooth. Add ice-cubes as needed and enjoy!

Nutritional disclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist. Nutritional data is provided as a courtesy. The information provided is calculated through a free web based nutrition calculator and is not guaranteed to be accurate.

As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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