My Top 10 Winter Beauty Hacks

Winter is upon us and if you’re like me and live in the north country, good luck!

I’ve been complaining about living where I live ever since I was in 5th grade and came back from a week trip to visit my family in Florida—I live in upstate New York. Sure it’s nice because we have mountains and all that but in the winter those mountains get covered in snow and the temperature drops to below freezing and at its worst below the negatives. So yeah, palm trees and blue skys are one million times better! Why then do I live here you ask? Same answer anyone from upstate New York would give, this is where my family is! Spring, summer and fall are nice here, the winter months are terrible though and well, I’m still here.

Over my many years of putting up with winter, as someone with sensitive skin mind you, I’ve come up with the worst 10 beauty problems to deal with and hacks to help you through!

1.) Dry cracking hands

This could be the worst because for hygiene reasons you have to wash your hands often throughout the day which will cause them to crack worse and in extreme cases, bleed. When I was younger I had an OCD issue where I would wash my hands constantly throughout the day, I’m talking like every time after I touched something. This was in my middle school years, I’ve gotten much better. Still they get super dry in the winter. Here’s what I do: I try to not go overboard with hand washing, I always have a hand lotion available (in the bathroom, in my purse, by my bed side), I lather on hand lotion before I put my gloves on before I go out doors and I lather lotion on at night. If they are really bad I have a pair of hand lotion gloves were I put a Vaseline based hand cream on and then I will sleep like that over night, when you wake up your hands will be like new! I also love to get a manicure once a month, that’s my me time!


2.) Dry body skin

This is another awful symptom of winter! Not only is dry skin annoying because it’s not very attractive, it’s also super itchy! During the winter is usually when I remember to dry brush before I shower. This helps with sloughing of dead skin cells before I hop into the shower to try and slough off even more dead skin cells! My shower soap isn’t too moisturizing, I use the Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap. I’ve never used anything better though because after I use it I feel straight up clean, no soap residue or anything gross like that! Basically I try and exfoliate the best I can and I douse myself in lotion! I typically shower every other day during winter so I don’t dry my skin out too bad but I apply lotion at least once a day!

3.) Dry lifeless, brittle, straw like hair

It doesn’t help my case that my hair naturally reverts back to this state. I really have to be on my hairs health in the winter! I don’t always live up to my hair goals, but this is what I’ve got, I wash every other day, I use my Function of Beauty shampoo and I use Shea Moisture Manuka honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque for my conditioner. I also use the Wet hair brush to brush the mask through my strands and I clip it up and typically leave on for 5-10 minutes. I use moisture rich curl products, I stopped using hair spray and I also don’t usually use heat tools on my hair. Once upon a time I straightened my hair daily, yes daily! THAT killed my hair! I also have a recipe for a great hair oil mask, I will post the link to that blog below.

4.) Dry, splitting, cracking, raw lips

If cleanliness is next to Godliness then exfoliation is the start of all things holy! I like to exfoliate my lips with a wet wash cloth, I mean I really get in there and get rid of all the dead skin! Then I used Glossier’s Balm Dotcom! I use to use regular chap sticks but I find with Balm Dotcom I don’t have to continually reach for it, my lips stay hydrated throughout the day, and it comes in so many different flavors and tints!

5.) Dry cracked feet/ heels

Heels get the worst in the winter! Sure I usually will get at least one pedicure during the cold season, but I usually take care of my tootsies at home! I like to soak them for a bit in the tub, I usually put a scoop of Epsom salts in and then I’ll sit on the edge and either read a book or play on my phone. Once my feet have soaked for about 15 minutes I use my handy dandy foot file and I go to town! Not to get too graphic, but you will literally see the dead skin fall off your feet! After I lather on some lotion and put on a pair of cozy socks!

6.) Dry patches on facial skin

I have combination skin so I do occasionally get dry patches, especially in the winter and especially with running the heat inside! Usually during winter I have to up my game with exfoliating my facial skin. Typically I will do once a week, during the winter I do twice a week with my Eminence Organics Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzoliant. I also use my Foreo Luna Two once or twice a day and I moisturize twice a day!

7.) Dry patches on scalp and/ or dandruff

I used to wash my hair everyday, in the winter this is not a good idea! I used to get really bad dry patches on my scalp, you could see them peaking out from my hairline! I stopped washing my hair everyday, now I wash every other day and it has gotten SO much better! The dryness is non existent now! I also switched to Function of Beauty shampoo, which is an organic company and you can tailor your product to your liking. I have mine set to be extra conditioning not only for dry hair but for my dry scalp and then I use my Shea Moisture hair mask! I use this on my hair ends and I work a little into the top part of the hair as well. I also have super sensitive skin so I think switching to organic products has also helped with my skin and scalp dryness!

8.) Applying makeup on dry skin

If my skin is extra dry I know foundation and powder are just going to cake right on top of it and your going to be able to see my flaky dry skin even worse! A tip I have to minimizing this appearance and to make foundation go on easier over dry skin is to lightly wet your makeup sponge before putting the foundation on it. This will lock more moisture into your skin and help the sponge glide easier over dry patches!

9.) Limit your hot water usage

This is probably the hardest for me, I am a hot shower lover, the hotter the better! Hot water however is not good for your skin, hair, lips, capillaries, basically your entire life. Hot water drys out your hair and skin and breaks the capillaries on your face and body. If you can in the winter it’s best to shower every other day, take shorter showers and don’t go for the super hot water! I also wash my face in the sink before going into the shower so I don’t have to put any hot water directly on my face!

10.) Want that summer look all year round?

Let’s face it, summer looks are more fun and too much winter can bum you out! At least me anyways. I say if you like the tanned look better, go get a spray tan! Take some you time and treat your self! Get your nails done a fun bright color, get your toes done, get your hair done, just try not to get stuck in a winter slump! Also my hair dresser always says summer blondes are made in the winter! Just have fun, summer is around the corner!


As always, thanks for reading!

– D

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