Why Use Green Cleaning Products?

The counter debate for “going green,” has always been led by the same argument—“Going green is expensive!”

Going green is definitely a life style choice! It’s a change you have to make, either gradually or if your the all or nothing kind of person, do it all at once. Why would you want to go green with your cleaning products? A big reason, for me anyways, is smell! Regular cleaning products have that smell that gives you an instant headache and makes you nauseous! As I am the one who does the cleaning in my house, I want to use green cleaning products so at the end of my cleaning day I don’t feel sick! I also use green cleaning products because I want the surfaces in my home to not be covered with harmful chemicals, I just want my home to be clean and smelling fresh! There’s also that good ol’ argument that green and organic is better for the environment.

How to get started with the switch

Most people keep cleaning products under the kitchen sink, it’s a nice one stop shop for all of your cleaning needs, so let’s start there! Pull everything out and make some categories: multi-surface cleaners, bathroom cleaners, cleaners you use in your kitchen, cleaners for the living room, floor cleaners and so on. My point here is, you probably have a lot of cleaners that all really do the same job. The first thing you need to do is get real and realize that there is only a handful of products that you need. When Gus and I moved in together the cabinet under our sink became stuffed to the brim! Our cleaning products combined was probably over 30 products! I have paired things down A LOT since then! The first step is to get rid of the cleaning products you don’t need. What can you do with cleaning products you don’t need? They say you can put water soluble products right down the drain. I typically bring any cleaning products I don’t want into work or I give them to my mom and she brings them into her work. I don’t like wasting products if they can be used elsewhere so I always try to give things away regardless of the product so long as it’s still within its expiration dates.

After going through all of our cleaning products I was left with a few green products, when I say a few I mean the basics, one multi surface cleaner and a bottle of glass cleaner. Both were from the brand Seventh Generation. From there I got a few more products from that line and a spray to use for mopping from the line Biokleen which I really love!


Pricing seems to be the biggest concern people have when switching over to green products. There’s that automatic assumption that green products are super expensive, some are but others are pretty affordable and some are even the same price as popular brands. You also have to take into consideration that you will be having less products under your sink going forward so less products means less money from the get go. Let’s do some price comparison! I recently began purchasing the Seventh Generation disinfectant spray which I purchased at Target for $5.49 before I got this I was buying Lysol brand disinfectant spray for $5.99 so here the Seventh Generation is actually cheaper! The multi-surface cleaner I have shown in the photo I bought for $3.79, I’ve been using this seventh generation cleaner for years! Before this though I used the Lysol multi surface cleaner which retails for $2.49. So the seventh generation cleaner is a bit more, $1.30 more to be exact, not too bad though. The pricing on the rest of the products is about the same, they are a bit more pricy then your typical brands but they really aren’t too bad and if you don’t go out and buy the whole line of products it’s really not that bad, just get what you really need and will use the most!

If you are thinking you want to go real green and make your own cleaning products this is the most cost effective option. I typically don’t do this even though I should, but my issue is time, one of these days I’ll get my act together! I have tried all of these ingredients as stand alone products but would like to at some point find a good recipe for a multi-surface cleaner. All of these ingredients work great: white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Castile soap, baking soda, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil and of course water to dilute.

Blog news

I will be taking next week off from blogging, call it a “winter break,” if you will. I will be helping my mom after she has her surgery which will be this coming Friday, Valentine’s Day. I hope you all have a great Valentines Day and winter break!

As always, thanks for readying!

– D

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