Here’s to 2021!

So I think it’s safe to say, this year has been the worst year on record. From the memes I’ve seen, everyone else agrees. I can’t wait to wait up this year for the ball to drop to scream, “happy New Year!” and goodbye 2020!

With that being said going forward with the blog I will be writing a lot less. I’m sure you can tell from my lack of writing since last February! A lot has been going on in my personal life with family matters and things like that so my attention is definitely on my family. I also got a new job that takes up more of my time. I do still want to write and post, though I might be posting once or a few times per month. Oh also I’m changing my site name to ‘Oh hey D Louise!’ I have another site where I post my art work so I wanted to stream line things a bit more and go with a blog name that fits and is more “me.”

Drinking for a great New Year!

I always joke with Gus that this year was so bad because New Year 2020 we didn’t drink champagne with the grapes. Gus’ family has a tradition where on New Year’s Eve after the ball drops you drink a glass of champagne with 12 grapes, each grape represents one month of the new year. If you get a sweet grape that represents a sweet month, if it’s a Sour grape… well, you get the picture. Last year we didn’t do it! It was a horrible, horrible year, thus our fault because we didn’t drink the champagne with the grapes – Sorry guys! So here’s to 2021!

Thanks for reading!

– D

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