That keto life though

Yup, you guessed it! Gus and I are back on keto! We joined a weight loss competition through his work. We are on a team of five and which ever team has the highest weight lost at the end of the competition will win a cash prize! I am all about cashes prizes, so I said, “sign me up!”

Fine print: the competition runs January 11th – April 5th.

We are about one month in and so far I have lost 12 pounds. That’s not too bad considering I have a job where I sit for 5 days a week, 8-10 hours a day with no actual break or lunch! Yeah, that’s a lot of sitting! Gus has lost about 20 pounds so far and in a competition of over 100 teams our team is currently ranked 43!

What I eat in a day on keto: Part one – Work.

During the week when I am at work I stick to the same types of meals. It’s hard enough to get away from my desk as it is, I like to keep it easy. For breakfast I bring two hard boiled eggs, blueberries and I have coffee at my desk with this collagen creamer I got at Target. The creamer doesn’t dissolve very well in the coffee but I’ve been drinking it for a month now and have already noticed less wrinkles and it doesn’t taste half bad! That’s good enough for me!

Breakfast during my teams morning Google meet “huddle.”

For lunch I have a salad with some deli meat, usually turkey. I have been using the Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing, but this one is good too! To drink because I am a basic ***** I have a Hi-Biscus LaCroux. Sometimes I will bring tuna instead of the salad, no bread of course. This usually holds me over for the entire day until I get home for dinner, if I do get snackish I typically reach for a birthday cake flavored Quest bar, I usually don’t get hungry after breakfast and lunch though.

Romain and butter lettuce with Cobb salad toppings and some deli turkey.

For dinner during the week I am on my own as Gus works second shift. I usually go for left overs. Here’s what I had last night…

Keto tacos! 🌮 The shell is made of taco cheese I put in my baby dash until it got crispy!

What I eat in a day on keto: Part two – The weekend!

The weekends are way more fun! – Obviously. Gus and I usually try new keto recipes during the weekend. We also try and make enough so that we have left overs that will at least get us through to Wednesday of the next week.


Here is an example of what I eat in a day on the weekend. Gus usually cooks breakfast, bacon and eggs! The salad is a Cobb salad from Market 32, I put Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing on it. The coffee is Keto from Starbucks – gotta have some Starbucks on any diet because come on! I love bun-less, bacon, cheese burgers! We had a few roasted carrots as “frys” and this ice cream from Halo top is one of my favorites!

Hope you got some good ideas! Thanks for reading!

– D

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