First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.

Here I sit 39 weeks and two days pregnant wondering when this little bundle of joy will decide to burst into the world.

I guess I should dial it back as yet again, it’s been awhile since I’ve written: we got married, we found out I was pregnant, we moved into our house, here we are.

The pregnancy so far, knock on wood, has been pretty good! I didn’t get morning sickness, thankfully. I did get really bad heartburn which lasted a month or so until a friend of mine told me about the over the counter Omeprazole at Target that saved her life during her last pregnancy. I got that and have been taking it religiously since and have had no issues. I did tell the doctor about my heartburn and even with it being so bad I was throwing up, they did nothing. So to Target I went! Other than that I’ve been enjoying snacking more and relaxing! I think maternity clothes are cute and I love having a bump!

Getting pregnant wasn’t the easiest for us. We always knew we wanted an “ours” baby. He has the two girls from a previous relationship but we have talked about a baby ever since we started dating. More specifically we talked about how we both would be head over heels to have a boy. I had gone off the pill about 6 months prior to getting married – I knew I had to get my body ready. Just as I suspected, my period did not come back. The month after we got married I went to the doctors to see what was up. I was put on Provera for a few months to get my period back, which, it did come back right away on the drug so that was a relief. After a few cycles of Provera the doctor had me take Letrozole, a drug that is supposed to increase ovary production and hopefully as a result you will release more than one egg at ovulation. I was also tracking my ovulation daily like a crazy person. I was using the Easy @ Home ovulation test kit (purchased on Amazon for $19.99 for a box of 50 test strips and 20 pregnancy tests) and tracking everything down in a notebook. On days I thought I was for sure ovulating I would check again using the Clear Blue digital tester. I did one round of Letrozole and I got the double lines! I couldn’t believe it, my husband couldn’t believe it. I was pregnant!!

Ovulation tracking.

I know you’re probably stuck on the part where I said we would be head over heels for a boy. You’re probably thinking, “you can’t just pick,” “you get what you get.” That’s very true. However, I dove deep into the internet for this one, researching all the tricks you could do in order to have a baby boy. I changed my diet, we only tried for a baby close to/ on ovulation day, I took the Mucinex, you name it. If it was on the internet and said this is how you can be sure to have a boy, I read it and most likely tried it.

After we knew I was pregnant and had been going to my regularly scheduled doctors appointments they offered me the non-invasive screening test they offer to all women pregnant and over a certain age. One of the things they can look at with this blood test is gender. I of course said yes I want to know the gender! I took the test and then it was a long drawn out few weeks before we got the results back.

Drum roll please… We are having a boy!!💙🦖

Another thing you might be wondering is, what were my step daughters reactions. Right now they are 10 and 7. We told them when we were decorating our Christmas tree this past year. I had taken a copy of our first ultrasound, which really didn’t look like a baby, more like a shrimp, framed it and put it with the other decorations. The oldest found it first and asked us what it was, even though he looked like shell fish, I think she knew what it was. Gus asked her what it looked like and she said it kinda looks like one a those pictures of the babies. He said it was and that was gonna be their new baby brother! The oldest was super excited from the start. The youngest didn’t believe it or she was pretending she didn’t believe it. I can kind of tell at this point when she is fibbing. I think she will have a bit of a hard time, hopefully just at first, adjusting to not being the baby. I guess time will tell.

Now that I am 39 weeks, due May 19th, we pretty much have everything done. All there is to do now is wait. We painted the baby’s room, had the baby shower, got all the furniture and put it together, organized and washed all of the clothes and blankets. I got some things for my postpartum time. We have my car all set up with the car seat, window shades, seat mirror and car seat cover. My hospital bag is packed and I’ve taken two classes: a breastfeeding class and a labor class at my hospital. Now it could be any day. The nerves are definitely starting to set in! I am 100% a type A person where I like to have everything planned out to the detail. Gus is the exact opposite. I guess that works out but in this situation he’s not the one having the baby. Hopefully all goes well!

💙 Nursery 🦖

Another thing I wanted to talk about in this post is work, maternity leave and when I decided to go out. I work in the construction industry, an industry that is notorious for not being totally supportive when a team member goes out on maternity leave. I haven’t started maternity leave yet, but I have been out of work for a week. Before going out my boss’ wife caught Covid, he decided it would be a good idea for him to get it so he could get it over with. He proceeded to come into the office daily. Needless to say I was extremely lucky as I was one of three that did not catch Covid from the office. I did work from home for a week but as I was already doing the work of myself and a gentleman who went out for hip replacement surgery two months prior I decided it was time to go out as it had been a very stressful past two months at work. My coworker who was out was set to come back Monday, May 9th, I went out Friday, May 6th. I did kind of think I would go into labor early but that hasn’t been the case as of yet. Oh well, I have been extremely grateful to be able to have this time to relax and mentally prepare myself.

39 week check up.

Hopefully the next post, probably in a few months, I will be able to say labor went okay and our beautiful baby boy is now here!

Thanks for reading,

– D

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