I am a true lover of beauty products. I try to live life in a minimalist way. I am an artist! I love getting into new hobbies and trying new things!

I created this blog for multiple reasons. Overall, I wanted to share my interests and my experiences with you in hopes that someone would gain something out of my stories and my trial and errors; whether that be which products to try or to not buy or how to bring up the topic of engagement rings to your boyfriend! I’ll even try to throw in some recipes here and there!

More about me

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For any newcomers to my blog, my name is Danielle! I also go by D and the friends I’ve had since my teen years and early 20s still call me “Dani”. I’m a fun loving red head who enjoys being creative through blogging, photography, graphic design, and decorating. I love organizing and all that goes into making a house a home.

Within the year I will become a wife and a stepmom to two amazing little girls!

I am an artist! I been into drawing and painting since high school! I actually went to college for art education with a concentration in painting, I also have my masters in curriculum and instruction. What do I do for work you ask? I work at a solar company scheduling solar service appointments. I still love art though! You can check out my website and follow me on Instagram!

dlouisedesigns.com @dlouisedesigns

My guilty pleasures include binge watching TV, ice cream and online shopping. I drink too much coffee and I’ll never turn down a glass of wine. I still hold out hope that I will get my life together.

As always, thanks for reading!