Why Use Green Cleaning Products?

The counter debate for “going green,” has always been led by the same argument—“Going green is expensive!” Going green is definitely a life style choice! It’s a change you have to make, either gradually or if your the all or nothing kind of person, do it all at once. Why would you want to go… Continue reading Why Use Green Cleaning Products?

Home Organizing with Kids

So before my now fiancé and I moved in I was eight years a bachelorette! Needless to say I grew a lot as a person moving in with him and his two young daughters! I had a few tools in my bag that I used to make my transition easier and one of those tools… Continue reading Home Organizing with Kids

Cover Letter Basics

Never underestimate the power of a good cover letter! Some applications don’t require one, but trust me a cover letter can make you stand out and put you ahead of your competitors. Again you can pull up a template on your word processor. You can use the same template you used for your resume, that… Continue reading Cover Letter Basics